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Alaska NAWIC Members:

The Alaska chapter of NAWIC's membership encompasses members across the state of Alaska. We currently have members from Anchorage, Palmer and Kodiak.

  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Proposal Managers
  • Engineers
  • Fire Protection Specialists
  • Integrated Construction Systems
  • Contract Administration Consulting
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Accountants
  • HR
  • Bonding
  • Students

Our Chapter Goals:

Mentoring others in the construction industry, enlightening the younger generations to the benefits of construction as a career, providing scholarships to Alaskans pursuing a career in the construction industry and providing educational opportunities to our members.

  • To it's members: NAWIC offers opportunities for education, networking, mentoring, leadership, industry and community involvement.
  • To women in the construction industry: NAWIC offers information, educational opportunities, and advocacy of issues which affect them.
  • To the construction industry: NAWIC offers a means of connecting with women and appreciating their talents.

Construction in Alaska

The Alaska chapter of NAWIC encompasses all members across the state of Alaska no matter their location.


Performing construction projects in Alaska is unique as we not only encounter extreme weather conditions but also have project in remote locations that provides logistical challenges. A lack of infrastructure (roads) outside of the main road system means that in many cases the materials, equipment and supplies may have to be barged or air-freighted to the construction site.


Many things including location, extreme weather conditions and logistics can have a severe impact on a project schedule.

  • Freeze-up may come early or a storm sets in making it difficult for the barge to make it  in on time or at all.
  • The fog rolls in and flights can’t land for days, delaying personnel and materials.
  • You may be in a village or town and if they have a store it doesn't carry the materials or supplies that might be needed for a project and there isn't one for hundreds of miles.
  • Mobilization of personnel to and from the site may consist of air and/or marine travel.
  • Lack of available housing in villages may require you project camps to be built.
  • The camp may be located in the dangerous territory due to animals such as polar and brown bears.

The satisfaction of working for designers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that complete projects under these circumstances is exhilarating.


NAWIC's Core Purpose

To enhance the success of women in the construction industry.

NAWIC's Core Values

  • Believe in ourselves.
  • Persevere with the strength of our convictions.
  • Dare to move into new horizons.



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